The Importance of Strategic Marketing

“Your new ads have had a huge impact on how we’re perceived,” a client recently told us. Not only did the ads convey the message the company wanted communicated, but they paved the way for Importance-of-Strategic-Marketing-2new clients to discover the company, and attracted and interested significant potential hires who would not otherwise have considered moving from the safety of their large corporate positions to a boutique firm.

When done consistently and well, strategic marketing serves to attract a much wider audience than the potential customers it typically targets. It reinforces investor beliefs, attracts new employees, makes existing employees proud to be part of the corporate culture and establishing the firm clearly in the minds of the communities it serves and in which it resides.

Seen as an integral part of a corporate strategy, marketing dollars can unlock doors and orders. Unfortunately, when done on an ad hoc or random basis, marketing can be much less effective and the lack of results can be frustrating.

Strategic marketing – essentially focus, commitment, and a judicious use of tactics – exponentially trumps scattered forays.