Want to help your sales team during the downturn?

Want to make it easier for your sales team to be effective?

Want to pave the way for your sales team?

Want to open doors?


effective-sales-team-2That’s what marketing is for. Marketing provides air support for your ground troops. And when it strikes just the right tone for your market, it can be magical, making every introduction and sale easier. You don’t have to spend mega dollars to give your sales team the support they need, but we have stories galore about what happens when you deny them that critical support.

Want to hear the one about the aspiring bus dev guy who beat his head against the wall trying to get to decision makers who had never heard of his company?

Does your company have a story that needs to be heard? You bet.

Every company has a story that can be told with pride. Maybe it’s a story of how the company tried and failed, then tried again and succeeded. Maybe it’s a story of a great invention, or a team that understands what the client needs before the client even realizes what his true point of pain is. Maybe it’s extraordinary customer service or client insight. Maybe it’s a super duper product that will save time, money and energy.

Every company has a story that needs to be heard. What are you doing to communicate your company’s unique story?

Unnerved by the downturn?

The energy industry is staring at a downturn, which may prove to be as deep and prolonged as any since the 1980’s. Many companies have implemented swift responses in the form of dramatic layoffs and extraordinary consolidations to – hopefully – emerge and transcend whenever the recovery begins. Others are fighting as hard as they can to make debt payments and continue operations. For many, survival is the order of the day. And yes, if your job or company’s survival is threatened, it can be a frightening time.

There is business, however. And some companies are actually thriving. For marketers, if you have a story to tell about products that can solve critical problems, or services that can ease the pain, now may be the very best time to step up.

You will be heard today and anxious people are looking for encouragement and real solutions.

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